Published: 06th October 2010
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To PLAN YOUR BABY'S GENDER is now possible. Yes, it really can be done! Because new methods that has been discovered, there are many ways to DETERMINE YOUR BABY'S GENDER. You can choose a baby girl or boy through these techniques and methods.

Follow these tips and information if you want to conceive a baby girl or boy. Read on.

1. Shettles' method
This gender selection process uses the calendar method. To conceive a baby boy, sexual intercourse should be done during the ovulation period. The Y chromosome can penetrate earlier than the X chromosome that is why a boy can be conceived.

Conceiving a baby girl in this method should be done after or before ovulation period. This is because the sperm cell will travel longer to the reproductive tract lining. The exact time and date of ovulation should be determined first to conceive either a boy or a girl.

2. Woman's acidity level
The woman's pH balance or acidity level is also a factor to be considered. If the woman's pH level or acidity level in the vagina is quite high, there is a possibility that a girl will be conceived. But if the woman's alkalinity level is higher, then a boy can be conceived.

3. Diet
A mother's diet is also a determining factor to have a baby boy or a girl. Consuming potassium and sodium rich foods can possibly conceive the mom a boy. If the mother wants a baby girl, calcium and magnesium rich foods are recommended.

4. Female orgasm
The chance of having a baby boy is when the female's orgasm is achieved. This is due to the contraction of the vagina's muscle resulting better absorption of the sperm cell resulting to conceiving a baby boy.

5. In vitro fertilization
In vitro fertilization is a scientific method where the doctor will collect the egg cell from the mother. The egg cell is then fertilized by a sperm cell thru a petri dish. This is a very effective way regardless of the age of the mother as long as she is healthy.

The only set back to this kind of conceiving and planning your baby's gender is very expensive. Around $20,000 and up should be prepared for this process. Fertility drugs are needed to be taken in by the mother to increase the effect of IVF.

6. Dye technique
This method is via artificial insemination (AI). The desired gender of the couple will be inserted to the uterus of the mother. The percentage for a baby girl is 90 percent while for a boy is around 70 percent.

There are no actual risks in this kind of method but fertility drugs are also consumed. Choosing the baby's gender is also assured because unwanted chromosomes are not being used.

7. Ericsson method
This kind of method to choose a girl or a boy is done also via artificial insemination. Faster and active sperms are separated to produce a boy while slower sperms are separated to produce a baby girl.

A baby girl is conceived at a percentage of 73 - 75 percent while for a baby boy is 78 - 85 percent. It is relatively safe and less expensive than IVF.

These are some of the processes that can be done to PLAN YOUR BABY'S GENDER. It is not an easy task for couples but if you are determined, why not take the chance?

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